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The historical Vieselmill in Bischhofshagen

Were the roots of the Vieselmeyer/-meyer family really in Boerninghausen?

The name has also been discovered, used very early, in the church records of the parish of Gohfeld. The first official records of the local church go back to 1338. The oldest available Gohfeld church book begins with it’s records in 1636. Hartwig Vieselmeyer and his wife lived in the farming community which belonged to Gohfeld. Their funerals are recorded in the church book.

VIESELMEYER, Hartwig, born 1576 in Germany / February 12, 1650, buried in Gohfeld
VIESELMEYER, Adelheit, born 1580 in Germany / March 4, 1653, buried in Gohfeld

They had the follwoing children:

VIESELMEYER, Adelheit, born 1604 in Germany
VIESELMEYER, Johann, born 1610 in Germany

Hartwig Vieselmeyer’s birthplace is not known. Chances are that he wasn’t born in Bischofshafen, otherwise it would have been recorded in the parish’s church book. There are also no other records of family or syblings. The birthplace of his wife and children is also missing from the records. It is possible that the family moved to Bischofshafen and then settled. Maybe the family originated from Boerninghausen. Bichofshafen and Boerninghausen are only 22 kilometers (13.67 miles) apart. Maybe Hartwicg Vieselmeyer was even a son of Jorgen Vieselmeyer?

The familie’s plot was labelled Bischofshafen number 28 and is to be found in the Kohlflage area. As well as the working of the land, the so-called Vieselmill was also mentioned. The following record can be found in the death record of the church book from Adelheit Vieselmeyer:

"Viselmeyersche ufr Vieselmühle, Adelheit" 

One can still see the word „Vieselmühle“ (Vieselmill) by the Kohlflage area on todays map. The mill is situated in a hollow on the left side of, what is today, the Highway 61, which goes from Herford to Minden. (See map extract). It is an important connecting road which was also a busy trade route in the 17th Century.

Bischofshagen 1:25000

Old map of Bischofshagen, Original Prussia scaled drawing from 1837, reduced scale 1:25000

The community of Gohfeld and the farming community of Bischofshafen were assimilated into a suburb of the town of Loehne in a town reform in 1969. The new town belongs to the District of Herford and is made upof the former communities of Gohfeld, Loehne, Obernbeck, Ulenburg and Menninghueffen. Loehne has a population of about 43,000. 

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