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Welcome on the Vieselmeyer/-meier Website!

This is a website celebrating the family history of the Vieselmeyers and Vieselmeiers. Throughout the years the spellings: Vieselmeiger, Vieselmayer, Vieslmeyer, Viselmeyer, Viselmeier, Veselmeyer, Viselmöller, Vieselmöller, Viselmüller, Vieselmüller, Wieselmeyer, Fiselmeier, Fiselmeyer and Fieselmeyer have been used. The roots of the family lie in the state of Westphalia, Germany. In former times, Westphalia used to belong to Prussia. Between 1830 and 1900 hundreds of thousands left their Westphalian homes and emigrated to America in unbelievably primative travellling conditions. Many ancestors of the Vieselmeyers and Vieselmeiers still live in the United States today. Infact, there are now more Vieselmeyers/meiers living in America than in Europe.

I am searching for Vieselmeyers/meiers form all over the world.

Dear visitors, please let me know if you have a connection to a Vieselmeyer/meier or if you have any informatin on any family members. Those with the family name Vieselmeyer or Vieselmeier will receive an email address from me for free. name[at], name[at], name[at] and name[at] are all available.

Feel free to contact me at: kurt[at]

Many thanks for visiting my website,
Kurt Vieselmeier

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